Integrated ITIL ® approach the key to customer satisfaction

The most vital aspect of any business today is providing business
services to ensure customer satisfaction. The highly competitive global
scenario underlines the need to provide value to customers
cost-efficiently. Ideally, IT managers should monitor delivery of
services and respond appropriately to identified shortcomings. An ITIL®
® based application provides the ideal framework to help businesses to
operate consistently and effectively in changing, highly competitive
environments. ITIL® ® best practice is a proven method that ensures a
business performs consistently and well. It eliminates the need to
re-invent the wheel.

 ITIL® ® is gaining popularity around the world. Many businesses
are using an ITIL® ® based Service Management application. But unless it
is a fully integrated tool – one that communicates with other process
modules – it does not allow optimization of resources to provide
customer satisfaction, or to meet other key objectives of the

ITIL® ® Best Practice demands inter-linking of modules; this helps to
manage Incidents, track and resolve underlying Problems to improve
Incident resolution, manage Changes and IT infrastructure effectively.
“This is the only way to operate efficiently, to maximize resources and
fuel productivity. We realize this, and so offer a fully integrated
solution. Our application helps to align the business services and IT
infrastructure of an organization to its key objectives.”

But if a fully integrated solution is so vital, why do so few
businesses employ it? “In an industry where the cost of ITIL® ® tools is
prohibitive, sometimes equivalent to the cost of 3-4 people annually,
most businesses adopt one module, hoping it will do the trick. But of
course it doesn’t.”

The core objective of any business today is providing customer
satisfaction to ensure customer loyalty. With a powerful,
cost-efficient tool, which is customizable to any industry, a business
can improve Incident resolution by 80%, and reduce Incident-handling
times substantially. It enables Help Desk empowerment and tracks
Incidents, Problems, and Changes throughout their life cycle,
maintaining audit trails. It helps businesses to respond quickly to
Problems and Requests for Changes. It helps to identify, resolve or
further investigate Problems and their underlying causes fast. Through
its tracking, ITIL® ® Best Practice promotes accountability. Businesses
can now ensure every incident is logged, and can never be ignored or
lost. This spurs efficiency, eliminates deficiencies in the system and
helps to deliver business services well and cost-effectively.

An effective application ensures customer satisfaction. It enables a
business to retain its customer base and ensure customer loyalty. It
encourages customer referrals and enhances the perception of a
business, creating goodwill, and generating growth.

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