Integration of Different Components with Enterprise Reference Architecture

Just like people, the different aspects of business processes need the help of a ‘support group’ which will help the company realize its goals. This task can be accomplished through enterprise architecture. Here, there are several factors involved. This includes: a detailed description of the company s current status; a clear definition of the company’s core goals in the future; the behavioral structure of an organization; the diagrams and documentation of the Information Technology systems; and finally, a look at the company’s business strategies.

Another factor which greatly influences the positive outcome of a business’ operation is called enterprise reference architecture. Here, the concepts related to the enterprise itself are clearly defined. Specifically, what the enterprise reference architecture deals with is the lifespan of a particular business organization. In the course of the analysis of the lifespan of each business process, the design architecture will also be considered. In the same vein, the results of the enterprise reference architecture will be analyzed.

The purpose of enterprise reference architecture is to create an organizational ‘support system’, which was already previously mentioned. In relation, the following questions will be answered, like whether the architectural structure of the business will support and add value to the company. You can also determine whether the business processes which are in place are creating value for the business. Finally, a prospective problem or troublesome area can be spotted early, and corresponding troubleshooting steps can be applied. This way, the problem will not worsen and the goals of the business will be met with little or no hindrance at all.

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