Intelliden: The Leading Configuration Management Solution In The Industry Today

In our fast growing industry, organizations today increasingly depend on their networks to bring their quality services to clients. These days, conducting electronic businesses and exchange information is a must to almost all existing organizations. This sort of connectivity has directed increase on infrastructure expenses and other complications. Reproduction on device such as data, storage, video, technical advances and security are jut some of the factors that led to these trends. Today, the basic network configuration tools and other manual procedures are no longer enough and advance automation is very important to efficiently organize and manage the networks. Intellinden Configuration Management is the leading network solution for all these problems. This next generation networking solution for a network oriented companies can help manage, control and scale the networks. What are the capabilities of Intelliden Configuration Management: 1. Intelliden is the only application to allow intelligent network automation 2. This is the only application that regulates and normalizes the complex network changes by converting multi vendor tool configuration to XML based models 3. Intelliden is particularly deigned for large networks and guarantees excellent security, accessibility and scalability. Intelliden Configuration Management and Change Management application is specifically designed to complex and dynamic network environment. It gives an extraordinary level of standard. This also automates the time consuming tool configuration and other change responsibilities. Intelliden has established its name to be leading at Communication Service Provider, government organizations and organizations that rely on their networks.

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