Intelligent Ways in Managing Information Systems

Most companies which have computer based information systems are plagued with problems on how they can effectively manage their information systems. Along with the fast development and growth in the information technology industry, associated with it are the ever-growing problems and issues that attack the systems. 

Below are some of the problems and issues that most organizations are faced with and how they can combat and manage these:

• The Culture of Change.  Change is one of the most salient problems that arise when information systems are implemented in an organization.  People tend to resist change because it will require them to exert effort to adjust with the change. It is best that when an organization applies change in the organization, it should apply it in gradual change making its people notice the change that is being implemented.
• The Fear of the Unknown.  What is not known to people fear them.  Tenured employees who have not known the presence of a new system will naturally fear its presence.  It is best that before a new process or system is implemented, the organization should take into account the methods on how they can better educate its people to not fear the presence of the new system.
• The Reality of Risk.  In every change, risk plays a pivotal part.  To properly manage the presence of an information system, it should be able to quantify the percentage of risk as against the readiness to neutralize the risk.  When the risk of implementing the information system in the organization reached too high that will result to difficulty in neutralizing it, then it is suggested that further study on the implementation of the information system should be made.

As part of the effective management of information system, the company should specifically dedicate one person to handle the whole information system.

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