Internal Service Level Agreement: Establishing Positive Relationships to Customers

When you are the one providing the service directly to your customers, then you definitely need an internal service level agreement or SLA. The SLA is the proof of what level of services you will be giving to your prospective clients. Like any other important tool of your business, SLA also plays a major role in establishing relationships with customers, managing their expectations and at the same time meeting realistic business goals. The agreement should be granted upon by both parties to make sure that the concepts were clearly understood so as to avoid conflicts of interest in the future.

However, there are some instances wherein adjustments should be made after a performance review was done. There are certain metrices that should be met to satisfactorily commit in providing the best service at hand. Emergency situations should also be expected. For example in providing dial up service to customers, the provider should do constant monitoring with the available access numbers in a certain area to ensure accessibility of service at all times. More than one access numbers should also be made available to avoid service interruptions when there is a need for maintenance. Service outages can be avoided for as long as there is a back up plan to avoid complaints. Enhancements to the service can also be requested, as both agreed upon by the provider and the consumer. If everything is communicated well, there is really nothing to worry about. The SLA is there to promote healthy working bonds and prioritize a series of steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

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