Introducing Boson NetSim for CCNP 7.0

A lot of preparations have to be made to secure oneself a spot as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). There are some candidates who opt to attend classroom trainings and spend thousands of bucks just to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam. Others settle in reading books and other tutorials as they already have a working experience mainly on the ins and outs of networking. True enough, many candidates succeed due to their efforts in taking advantage all the resources around them. A good training ground for individuals who would like to assess their skills in networking is through the use of the Boson NetSim for CCNP 7.0 software.

So how does this Boson Netsim for CCNP 7.0 software works? Just imagine yourself in front of computers, routers, and other networking devices. Through the use of the NetSim (short for Network Simulator) software, the user is allowed to design and build his or her own virtual routing model and simulate true networking. The difference that the Boson NetSim software brings compared laboratory or classroom trainings is that you get to virtually work and configure a network of 3 different catalyst switch models and 40 different router models. This is definitely not the type that you can do inside the lab.

Working with NetSim is like giving yourself the feel of actually applying what you have learned from months of training discussions and lecture. Application of skills learned from training is definitely better than merely following the flow advised by the facilitator. Let the NetSim software help you practice on your way to that much coveted CCNP certification.

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