Introduction To The CompTIA i-Net+ Certification

The CompTIA i-Net + Certification confirms IT professionals fundamental skills in Intranet, E commerce and Internet. This is ideally for people who want to take part in the growth and expansion of web application. This is also includes internet infrastructure, services and maintenance. This training and certification has given great advantages for people who promote and sell internet solutions. While this is not actually a prerequisite to take other courses in CompTIA, it is better to have a minimum of 6 months job experience in e-commerce, internet and intranet before taking the CompTIA i-Net+ course.

CompTIA is the worlds largest certification exam provider and is a highly recognized association with over 22,000 members in over 100 countries.  With more than a million certifications awarded to qualified individuals, CompTIA continues to promote an industry best practice in PC technology, networking, internet, e-business and many others.  The CompTIA i-NET+ Certification was established in January 2000 to address the needs of many businesses who want to protect their IT investment.  The CompTIA i- Net+ certification validates an individuals knowledge and skills in web related content and architecture.

Since the dot-com explosion early in the 1990s and the growing demand for internet services and e-business, many establishments have been employing IT professionals to handle their web development.  Organizations have seen the power of internet as an effective tool in marketing products and services. This gave birth to a higher demand for more competent IT certified individuals–someone who is highly skilled in working with websites. That is why taking the CompTIA i-Net+ is recommended to students and IT professionals these days.


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