IP Expert CCIE: Qualify as a VoIP expert

Becoming an expert in the area of Cisco VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the prerequisites to obtaining CCIE s Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP). The CCVP is basically an optimized procedure for transmitting voice via the Internet or further packet switched networks. Also known as IP Telephony, Broadband telephony, Broadband Phone, Internet Telephony, or Voice over Broadband, VoIP often refers to the existent voice transmission and not the actual procedure executing it. What is there to learn about VoIP?

The following provides brief discussion on how VoIP functions and be useful. By using what is termed as  speech data compression  techniques, VoIP carries call up signals as  digital audio  and reduces its data rate. The data packet stream is compressed over the internet protocol (IP).

Normally, IP providers are those companies that provide VoIP service while VoIP protocols refer to specific procedures used to carry voice signals through IP network. Some cost savings methods were created to maximize unused network capacity that carries data and voice with no additional costs required. For instance, VoIP to VoIP call transactions is often free, whereas VoIP to PSTN (public switched telephone networks) requires some costs, specifically to VoIP user. Two types of PSTN to VoIP services are available, which are the direct inward dialing (DID) service and the access numbers service.

In DID service, the caller is directly connected to the VoIP use, whereas the access numbers requires for the caller to input the VoIP user s extension number. Qualifying as a VoIP is just a part of acquiring high-level expertise in CCIE. Acquiring CCIE certification may require a lot of work but can eventually lead later rewarding and opportunities.

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