Is It Brainy To Use a CISSP Brain Dump?

Before you can answer that, let us examine the concept of an IT brain dump first. You can create a brain dump by forming a blog site where you will write down all the possible bits and pieces of knowledge you have about a particular field  in this case, about Information Technology. A brain dump in this sense is literally dumping all the information you have onto a piece of paper or into a computer file.

We know that the CISSP (or Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam can be quite difficult, so maybe you are tempted to use a brain dump that someone else has created regarding what he knows about CISSP coverage to prepare for the CISSP accreditation exam. Before you do that, be cautious. There are brain dump websites that operate illegally by selling actual questions from IT accreditation exams  case in point would be Its owner and founder, Robert Keppel actually had to pay a whopping $500,000 fine for jeopardizing the integrity of the MCSE and MCSD exams (aside from facing a jail sentence for 12 months and a day.) The criminal offense was sale of trade secrets owned by Microsoft. Keppel had managed to purchase two luxury cars (a Ferrari 355 Spider and a Lexus RX300) from the proceeds of selling brain dump content to people, but after his conviction he had to forfeit those cars anyway.

This case of an actual conviction for maintaining a brain-dump site proves two things: that when money is a motivator, people will go to great lengths, and even do illegal things to get that money. But it should be pointed out that the people who kept buying trade secrets (a.k.a. brain dumps) from Keppel were just as culpable  where there is no market for trade secrets, trade secrets become junk.

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