Is ITIL : How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 h 217….

ITILIs ITIL : How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 h 217….

How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 \h 217 Career Search: Difficulty Coming to a Decision? PAGEREF _Toc221085879 \h 218 Tips for Information Technology Jobs PAGEREF _Toc221085880 \h 219 Jobs in Search: Finding and Being the Right One PAGEREF _Toc221085881 \h 220 Making the Most Out of Employment Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc221085882 \h 221 Tips for Using Job Placement Agencies PAGEREF _Toc221085883 \h 222 Career Profiles: Fill It Up with Relevant Information PAGEREF _Toc221085884 \h 223 Job Boards: They are a Win-Win Solution PAGEREF _Toc221085885 \h 224 Job Search Engines: As Easy as Walking to the Computer PAGEREF _Toc221085886 \h 225 Making a Career Out of a Job PAGEREF _Toc221085887 \h 227 your job: Managing IT : What is ITIL? PAGEREF _Toc221085888 \h 240 Reasons for implementation PAGEREF _Toc221085889 \h 243 Implementing ITIL PAGEREF _Toc221085890 \h 246 Implementation of Service Strategy PAGEREF _Toc221085891 \h 248 Implementing Service Design PAGEREF _Toc221085892 \h 254 Implementing Service Transition PAGEREF _Toc221085893 \h 265 Implementing Service Operation PAGEREF _Toc221085894 \h 272 Implementation of CSI PAGEREF _Toc221085895 \h 286 Case Studies PAGEREF _Toc221085896 \h 295 The IT Service Management ITIL V3 BENCHMARK CHECKLIST PAGEREF _Toc221085897 \h 299 Service Strategy – The Practice of Service Management PAGEREF _Toc221085898 \h 299 Service Design – Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085899 \h 315 Service Transition – Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085900 \h 337 Service Operation – Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085901 \h 354 Continual Service Improvement- Service Management as a Practice PAGEREF _Toc221085902 \h 376 CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc221085903 \h 389 — In Philosophy, it is said that all problems can essentially be boiled down to a problem of language.

Therefore, it takes someone with a clear understanding of the semantics of IT language and business language to see the pitfalls and the misunderstandings.

Sometimes, the only problem was that the IT Department expressed itself in language different from the language of top management. Of course, in any misunderstanding, it takes two parties to create an argument.

Rather than be hostile or defensive hardliners, members of both the IT Department and top management should try to reach to an understanding. Why Management Is IT Function IT management is an inevitable part of the world of IT technology because without the knowledge of IT management much of the potential of the technology would go to waste. Management in the IT world is best divided into areas of specialization such as Service Management, Programme Management, and Risk Management.

Together they are called the Best Management practices.

Each one acts as to support to the functions of technologies to achieve best results. IT Service Management (ITSM) employs useful tools that support the needs of the customers.

Its function is to see through the eyes of the customer and therefore satisfy them in all IT aspects.

The widely used ITSM is ITIL which provides a systematic approach to the management of IT service provision.

This in turn leads to cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, maintenance of quality and standard, and improved productivity. Programme Management, on the other hand, provides a good network for use with large and complex deliveries so they arrive on time and within budget.

It helps the company plan projects that will support the programme and manage risks; it ensures the programme will respond to change while maintaining quality. Risk Management, another part of IT best management practices, is essential to ensure that the company faces the least possible risks while taking necessary steps to control or avoid them.

Effective risk management supports sound decision-making in dealing and understanding risk factors.

This should lead managers to develop excellent strategies, consume less time problem solving, and pursue more efficient use of resources.

This, in turn, will provide better value for the money and the best contingency programs for the organization. This management in IT is essential to the proper implementation of ideas in Information Technology.

Right and effective management can eventually create success for all business activities Management IT 101 When we speak about an introduction to Management IT, we include Management IQ and EQ.

IQ is included because in IT, management needs technical expertise for understanding technologies.

EQ is included because in IT, management has to know how to deal with people enterprise-wide so that everyone will understand even the technical aspects of the IT organization. Can an IT organization survive without management? It might.

But perhaps with management around, the IT organization will become more effective, efficient, and credible at its function.

This is why management is said to be a discipline all its own; it just happens to be applied in the IT industry. Can we say management is automatically effective if productivity goes up? That depends on how you measure productivity.

If productivity is simply churning out more products or carrying out more services, that may not be the whole picture.

Management must also determine whether the employees are happy with their work.

Are they comfortable? Or, are they getting sick, resulting in higher levels of absenteeism and more applications for sick leaves and vacation leaves? As you can see, productivity is not that simple to gauge anymore. Management IT 101 should always begin with appropriate and thorough planning.

Involving representatives from each department of the IT organization might be appropriate at this stage, so that a holistic and multidisciplinary approach is used.

Remember the clichés: two heads are always better than one but too many cooks spoil the broth.

Strong, effective management is able to balance input from various quarters without sacrificing coherence and priorities. — Discovery Activity 15: Services and Benefits What services and agencies can help you get How will these services and agencies help you a job? with this job? _____________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________________ YOUR JOB: MANAGING IT : WHAT IS ITIL? Since its inception in the late 1980’s ITIL® has been the framework of choice for many IT organisations across the world.

In fact, it has been so popular that ITIL certification is a stated requirement in most Job Advertisements for IT related roles and the framework is taught at Universities as part of their Post-graduate and MBA programs.

As a result of industry involvement and the rapidly growing maturity of the IT industry at large, ITIL is now in its 3rd version.? The ITIL V3 framework consists of a library of books that cover the 5 phases of the Service Lifecycle: Book title Content – main focus of this phase in the lifecycle Service Strategy Discusses the reason WHY the IT service is needed, and to what extent the service would be needed by the customers. Service Design Design consideration and Quality criteria for the Service that is to be created AND the environment that is required to support the service to the customer’s needs. Service Transition Control and risk mitigation strategies while the new – or changed – service is moved into the Production environment. Service Operations Activities and departments that are needed to support the IT Services on an ongoing basis to the standards that have been agreed upon with the customer. Continual Service Improvement Methodologies for the ongoing improvement of the services, the IT environment and its processes.

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Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and Is ITIL : How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 h 217….
ITIL - Is ITIL : How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 h 217….
ITIL and Is ITIL : How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 h 217….
ITIL - Is ITIL : How to Find the Right Career PAGEREF _Toc221085878 h 217….

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