ISEB ISTQB: ISEB and ISTQB in a Single, Universally-accepted Syllabus

For over six years now, ISEB has been in the business of giving out Certification Examinations to many candidates across the globe and this is a fact best seen in the way ISTQB is today.
Certainly, with over six years in excellence and achievement, ISEB is remaked as one of the best things that happened to the world of Software Testing, as well as to the other computer branches that is interconncected with it.
And yes, all branches of the Computer is interconnnected.

Now as the general public’s need for Certification grows and increase, and definitely more so in the near future, more emphasis on international aspects of the progam was provided and ISEB, in a general way, contributed to ISTQB.
ISEB has clearly been very instrumental in the International Qualification Scheme of ISTQB, which has been objectively set up to bring together the Software Testers in the whole wode world and impose, or rather, effect a change in them the would make them speak one language.
In this, language would be remarked as a set of terminology and syllabuses that are accredited by the ISTQB in a manner that makes it an Internationally-recognized and coordinated venture.

It is of course ISTQB’s role from the very beginning and it is certainly sticking to it no matter what.
The best thing in this is that having a single, universally-accepted, International Qualification Scheme makes the life of a Software Tester easier and simlified.
Now for those aspiring for the Certification, then be ready for the Examination, as no matter how concise it is, it is still hard.

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