ISO 20000 accreditation

It makes me laugh…Perhaps I shouldn’t be so cynical but it makes me laugh to see claims
by organizations that are "first to market, with product x".

all know the saying "lies, damm lies and statistics" and I guess that
the same concept applies for organizations that are ‘creative’ in their
marketing briefs.

Anyway – earlier blog entries have indicated
the The Art of Service is now accredited to deliver the ISO 20000 3 day
Consultancy program. We have four (4) Australian based staff that have all passed the requirements to deliver the program.

requirement to be deemed an accredited provider of the ISO 20000
programs is a minimum number of experienced, qualifed and suitable
staff. The Art of Service has met those requirements from within.

The benefit for our clients is that we utilize local instrutors and do not have to bring in overseas contractors.

ISO 20000 programs can be offered anywhere in Australia – (even Vicotria (deliberate) throughout Asia and around the world.

Roger Purdie

International Operations
The Art of Service

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