ISO 20000 Audit

ISO 20000 is an international quality standard that defines standards in the IT Services Management. If you have the ISO 20000, it certainly helps in getting new business and making new bonds. ISO 2000 audit improves operational efficiency and expands business horizons. It essentially vouches for the adoption of an integrated process to effectively deliver services that meet customer requirements. ISO 20000 audit covers all the aspects of managing an IT Services outfit.

An overview of an IT Services Company has the following parameters:

1.    Scope of business
2.    Planning and implementing service management
3.    Service Delivery Process
4.    Control Process
5.    Relationship Process
6.    Release Process

ISO 20000 Audit is conducted by international organizations for standards and other quality forums. These entities check the processes of an organization and find out its strengths and weaknesses, and accordingly suggest improvements. Then they re-check the same systems and processes. Thereafter, the organization is recommended for the certification. A systematic process is followed in the whole certification process.

There are checks and re-checks that are performed by internal as well as external auditors. The internal quality auditor works in tandem with the external quality auditor. Generally, ISO 20000 auditors and quality consultants charge a certain amount of fees for the certification. The IT Services is a people intensive business, hence the certification can enhance the performance and reputation of these companies. The ISO 20000 Certification also helps to motivate the workforce. Moreover, it can create healthy competition by spreading information about the good performance of a certified company.

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