ISO 20000 Auditor – The dawn of a new profession!

Standardization has finally dawned on the IT services sector. With ISO 20000 standard specially meant for IT services, industry is set to grow in a more systematic manner. With the standards in place, the person to implement them is an ISO 20000 Auditor. His job is to check the quality parameters of an IT services company.

There are 2 types of audits: internal audits and external audits. As companies need to follow a specific procedure to comply with the ISO 20000 standard, the ISO 20000 Auditor can guide them in this matter. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the field. If you want to become a certified ISO 20000 Auditor, there are various courses and training which are available, conducted by a number of companies and consultants. These courses are generally short-term in nature, and are targeted at project managers, internal auditors and process heads.

The key objectives these courses are:

•    To understand the purpose of ISO/IEC 20000
•    To know the importance of service management processes
•    To learn the ISO/IEC 20000 implementation processes
•    To know the exact role and scope of the responsibilities of the Auditor
•    To conduct internal and/or external audits according to the concepts, practices, and guidelines, in a phased manner
•    To understand and implement the ISO/IEC 20000 Certification schemes

Students are provided the complete course material including a copy of ISO/IEC 20000 – 1:2005 and ISO/IEC 20000 – 2:2005. If one wants to undergo this training, the basic knowledge of ISO 9001 and internal auditing processes is highly desirable.

An ISO 20000 Auditor can work as an independent quality consultant. Alternatively, large, established IT Services companies can employ full time ISO 20000 auditors. The emergence of ISO 20000 has opened a new chapter in the field of IT Auditing. Hence, greener pastures are awaiting ISO 20000 auditors in the job market.

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