ISO 20000 BS 15000

BS 15000 is a UK standard, adopted by many countries. In fact, it was the world’s first standard for IT services management. It was based on the IT Infrastructure library framework. However, it cannot be termed as an international standard, since it was not designed for international users.

The BS 15000 catered to the IT services using ITIL® principles, such as configuration management, change management, contingency planning, cost and availability management and so on. In December 2005, the BS 15000 was converted into ISO 20000.

Since ISO 20000 is based on BS 15000, there are many similarities. Both comprise of sections that encompass the whole spectrum of IT Service standards. There are 10 sections:

1. Scope.
2. Terms and Definitions.
3. Management system requirements.
4. Planning and implementation of service management.
5. Service Delivery Process.
6. Relationship Process.
7. Control Process.
8. Resolution Process.
9. New Services – planning and implementation.
10. Release Process.

The second part of BS 15000 covers the required code of conduct and guidance.
The main documents of BS 15000 are to be republished in ISO 20000.

The ITIL® or IT Infrastructure Library figures out the organizational structure, skill requirements and application management of IT services companies. The BS 15000 introduces a set of management processes to enhance the service delivery to customers.

These standards help establish the company’s credibility in the market. They also maintain a standard of discipline within the work culture. The ISO 20000 has been developed to meet the requirements of international markets and it offers an understanding of the IT services management. The ISO 20000 boasts of a structure similar to the BS 15000. The BS 15000 registered companies can make a transition to ISO/IEC 20000.

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