ISO 9000 2001: Necessary Changes

In a fast changing world where competition is everything and profit must be ensured, the Certification available, no matter how capable and strictly competent they are must stay in line with the demands of change. And as no system is perfect enough to respond to the needs, the certifications must be updated again and again. To wit, this foretells the factor of change.

In the ISO Certification sphere of accreditation, change comes in the form of many specific things that are essential to its goal of keeping with the times. For one there must be the stricter emphasis on the importance of a responsible management with the ones on the top of the decision-making process in the company included as such.

Furthermore, everyone knows that customer satisfaction is a must which put more need to better and more efficient identification of their needs and requirements, as well as proper communication between the Company and its many customers. To this end, customer satisfaction is given the most focus by further addition of its measurement in ways far greater than the ones already in use. In all these the workers are further expected to improve in terms of their job through continuous training seminars and never-ending reviewing of their effectiveness.

This matter includes both the workers and the machines involved in the process of production and delivery. To all this, the ISO Certification must go far beyond the usual needs of the past and start trying out other innovative means, which will benefit not only the customers, but also the Company as a whole. In this process, improvement was further emphasized in such a way that it is now considered to be as the most vital of all the changes to be provided in the requirements of the ISO 9000.

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