ISO 9000 auditor: An Independent Auditing Team is Better

Any good business has a good auditing work behind its success, as this further reflects the any Companys ability to withstand problems that may occur in its existence. On a positive note, auditing also provides the Company concerned the ability to know its capabilities to expand its reaches further. Without good auditing, the Company is like a blind man without his stick and a guide.

So it is because of this that ISO puts a good emphasis on the auditing factors within the Company applying for accreditation, but auditing is no easy task to do so there are now more and more Companies offering auditing services to those Companies, who cant afford the hassle. With this, outsourcing the auditing work will be more effectively convenient in terms of cost reduction, and in the process, this also frees the in-house staff assigned for auditing to do other business required by the Company.

And having an independent auditing Company to do the work will allow the contracting Company to have regular auditing reports coming from auditors, who are considered as the best in their fields.

This probably comes from the general knowledge that professional auditors are better than those working in-house, and better yet, any auditing done by the Contractor will have the necessary stamp of certainty that provides the impression of exactness and perfection rather than one coming from the in-house auditing team.

And coming back to the point, the ISO is greatly interested in the Companies applying for Certification, which distinctly provides the motive of the ISO, and this is, no bad amount of audit will ever replace the one from a good one. To this, it must be understood that ISO will continue to be for the betterment of the customers, and therefore, the Company as well.

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