ISO 9000 Checklist: Valuable Tool for Continuing Compliance with International Standards

The ISO 9000 checklist is a valuable tool for companies who are planning to apply for an ISO 9000 certification. For ISO certified companies, the checklist could be a convenient reference to ensure that the existing quality standards and business processes will be followed. The ISO 9000 checklist can also serve as a guide for quality assurance specialists and managers to further develop comprehensive corporate procedures.

The ISO 9000 checklist is mainly composed of documentary requirements for management processes, quality control procedures, record keeping and validation, and business processes. The ISO 9000 requirement checklist include management responsibility, quality systems, business designs and approaches, and contracts review. These areas test the ability of companies in formulating and implementing corporate policies needed for designing business models and complying with customer demands. The checklist enumerates the necessary documentary requirements that will be demanded by an ISO certification body.

The ISO checklist also includes the process flow in creating products or delivering services such as document control, product identification, purchasing, and process control. These can ensure that the companys business processes can be evaluated so that errors could be corrected.

The quality aspect of the checklist enumerates how a company ensures that the product lines and services it delivers conform to the standard procedures set by ISO. Documentations and procedures can be thoroughly checked to enable delivery of quality products and services.

The last part of the ISO 9000 checklist includes proper record keeping, data analysis, and record control. These documents will enable companies in effectively monitoring the whole business activities to ensure continuing development of corporate practices and procedures.


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