ISO 9000 Wikipedia: Providing Useful Information about Quality Management Systems

Next to the ISO website, the Wikipedia online encyclopedia is a good source of information for the ISO 9000 quality standards. The articles on ISO certification that can be found on Wikipedia significantly cover basic information about ISO process standardization. For general reference purposes, the wiki page ISO discussion could be very useful. It explains in a straightforward manner the concepts behind ISO 9000 and other ISO standardization systems. Because a wiki page could be created by a layman, the wiki page dedicated to ISO 9000 is written in easy to understand terminologies and language.

Another good thing about the ISO 9000 Wikipedia page is the links provided at the end of each section. Those links redirect to other useful online resource providing general information and ideas about the ISO 9000 quality management standards.

For advanced users, they can also edit the wiki page of ISO 9000 and provide fresh information or insight about ISO. Thats the beauty of a wiki community. The pages contained in its sites can be edited by other members of the community or some pages can be added to it. Links can also be provided, making the discussion richer. The Wikipedia discussion on ISO 9000 is one of the most notable sources of information. That was made possible through the interactivity of the wiki system. Indeed, the ISO 9000 Wikipedia discussion has contributed greatly to the growing interest of many people about quality management systems and standards. It served as a powerful engine in delivering useful information for the general public.

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