ISO 9001 Certification Developing Standards of Product Excellence

As the title implies, the ISO 9001 certification was developed by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO. If an organization is recognized as an ISO 9001 certified, this means that the current system in place meet global standards and expectations. However, there is a need for continual improvement since a series of audits has to be made to make certain that ISO standards are still being maintained. Indeed, ISO 9001 certification only proves the organizations commitment to serving the needs and demands of customers by promoting dedication to quality and innovation.

A key phrase that must be given emphasis in ISO 9001 is management systems, which means that getting ISO 9001 certified is all about management of business procedures and processes. These sets of procedures are being reviewed on a regular basis so that customers are reassured that the business has the right people and right processes in place. Although the ISO 9001 certification does not guarantee that the organization delivers high quality products and services, it still certifies that the company is engaged in the proper implementation of the standards. It also makes a good marketing strategy in acquiring new customers while retaining existing ones.

As for the certification process, it would be a bit challenging for accredited assessors as they are required to spend 1 to 3 days at the companys site. They interview employees, observe processes and examine documents to look for compliance or non-compliance evidences. Management also has the option to do self-assessment for internal evaluation. Certification is indeed very critical as it is a proof that the business meets standard ISO 9001 requirements.

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