ISO 9001:2000 now in PDF version

ISO 9000 is a generic name given to series of standards. Developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), these standards provide essential framework by which a quality management system (QMS) can be effectively carried out. Specifically, these standards identify, create, and maintain a competent quality guarantee system for industries (e.g., manufacturing, services). Since its development, ISO 9000 has become widely known and used by various organizations and industries, making it as primary guide to determining and standardizing quality of their products, management, and services.

For an industry or organization to be ISO 9000-certified, it must first adequately comply with the standards of ISO 9000. Acquiring certifications would involve an outside assessor who will conduct assessment of the organization or industrys official procedures to make sure they comply with ISO 9000 standards. Also, interviews among staff members will also be carried out to determine staff awareness and understanding of their integral part to the organization. Assessment will result to a detailed report highlighting specifically parts there were missed or perhaps neglected by the organization. Consequently, the organization will have to correct any problems validated within a specified given period. It is only when the identified problems are corrected can the organization be certified.

Just recently, ISO has released the ISO 9001:2000 Requirements Explained product. It is a 294-paged product in an Adobe PDF (portable document format) file or version. It was intently produced for use on a network systems environment. The document provides a detailed explanation of ISO standards and its valuable use to the organization that would want to undergo assessment of its processes, management, products, and services. And being it in a PDF version, access, dissemination and understanding of information regarding ISO 9001:2000 requirements are made much simple and swift.

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