ISO CMMI Model: Creating a Synergy to Improve the Business Process

ISO CMMI integration is an important step towards developing the entire business processes of companies.  Developing a synergy between ISO and CMMI therefore should become one of the top priorities of business executives and process managers.  It is not difficult to develop the integration of CMMI and ISO.  In fact, some companies have built their CMMI projects and deployments through their experience in ISO model implementations.

ISO and CMMI are business process improvement tools.  These are quality standards that companies can implement in order to develop and improve their business performance.  Specifically ISO is an accepted business standard for the implementation of quality management systems.  It is the basis of most total quality management approach and methodologies.  Getting certified as an ISO compliant company means that the quality standards of a company conform to accepted international practices.  On the other hand, CMMI is a process development model.  It can serve the company’s initiative to uplift and optimize their business solutions. 

So, with a quality management system as embodied in ISO, CMMI can be implemented easily because the standards are in place already.  The quality standards can be extended to the business process utilizing the tools and approaches of CMMI.  It is no wonder therefore to see companies creating a balanced enterprise development initiative using both ISO and CMMI.

It should be noted however that creating a synergy between ISO and CMMI should not be done mechanically.  CMMI has different targets and impact assessment requirements.  Companies have to use ISO as a foundation to build CMMI but the perspectives and purposes of the two systems must remain distinct and unique.

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