ISTQB Advanced Level: There are Three Parts to this

There are many types of ISTQB Certification Examination, and one of this is the Advance Level, where it is obviously harder to pass than the lower Examination.
This was done to improve the competence of Software Testers, who have come to greater heights.
Now the courses in ISTQB Advanced Level are composed of three main areas that are interrelated.

The first one is “IT Functional Testing”, which provides the user the much needed and detailed information in the reference to the specifics of different testing techniques.
And there are many of them like the black box and white box, along with their characteristics and the resulting boundaries of these techniques.
With sufficient knowledge of this, the Software Tester would be very able to expand and extend the ranges of the usage with proper evaluation.

The second would be “Technical Testing”, which covers the topic about the different kinds of techniques available for non-functional testing, which is either dynamic and static analysis.
It also discusses the types through careful examining of the criteria present for choosing the right and necessary testing tools and methods for their execution.

And third would be Test Management.
This course includes in itself a comprehensive description of the types to be seen in a specific test and under such activities.
Now the third one again subdivided into four areas of concern, and Information about that can be read up at the schools themselves.

Simply, there is no doubt that ISTQB Advanced Level is tad harder to pass than the usual ISTQB Examinations.


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