ISTQB Books: Finding the Best Book and the Balance

Now for ISTQB books, people must look for the books that have the necessary facts and Information that would essentially aid them in their learning of ISTQB or its Certification Examination.
This is the prime thing to remember as today there are now many ISTQB books, and yet too few are concise enough to be for both guidance towards Software
Testing and the ISTQB Certification Examination.

Everyone knows that having a very good and reliable book about ISTQB translates to a lot of ways that are more than numerous to enumerate, but what is best known is that owning a book helps people in understanding ISTQB better than a tutor does.
Though this is not to say that people should do away with tutorial classes about ISTQB.

This is not so, in fact, it recommends the use of ISTQB books along with a tutorial or ISTQB course for the sole reason that passing the ISTQB Certification Examination is a necessary expense that must be prioritized.
To wit, a book or even a whole collection of books is no substitute for a tutor, but a tutor is also no replacement for a book.
In this, the Examinees must be able to strike a balance between the two learning tools, and find a way to reconcile their time to benefit themselves with the knowledge they could learn from either of the two.

Now, in buying books, it is also advisable that they should have company with them who already know which books are good for what.
As said before, there are many books, and few are ever good to buy, and because of this having a learned companion on ISTQB books would help.

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