International Software Testing Qualifications Board has a considerable number of websites created by their training providers to meet the needs of software testing candidates. Though the official website is not the usual url the url however was created to serve its purpose: to inform all software testing professionals worldwide about what ISTQB information. Furthermore this site serves as a link that let all IT professionals around the world come together.

In this site, the mission and vision of the board are laid down. The mission of ISTQB is based on its responsibility to international qualification scheme that is called ISTQB Certified Tester, and for the record, the qualifications are aligned with the constitutional syllabus that highlights the hierarchy of qualifications and guidelines for accreditation in the part of the training providers and certification in the part of the IT professionals.

The ISTQB vision on the other hand elucidates the tasks and responsibilities of the board which includes: ensuring professional quality and updated issues of the system, the syllabus generation and definition, the maintenance of examination structure and regulations, accreditation and certification guidelines, monitoring the compliance of national boards from around the world and the admission and expulsion of national boards into and from ISTQB. Included in the vision part of the system are the aims of the board and advantages that the board provides to anyone involved in software testing.

The structure of the ISTQB is also found on the site which comprised of all the testing boards all over the world which also serve as the working parties of the International Software Testing Qualification Board. The structure also emphasizes the fact that all the boards worldwide use the same syllabi to maintain a standardized course for the certified-software tester aspirants.

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