ISTQB Exam Dates

ISTQB courses are being offered in more than 50 countries around the world and since it is internally known training providers of ISTQB each country which is accredited by the board is permitted to conduct examinations.

The exam dates for the CTFL certification examination and other foundation level examinations are posted online. Every country which is accredited by the ISTQB has their own website where they can post the schedule or exam dates for the software testing exams. Also the ISTQB training providers can conduct all the level foundation exams for technical tester, functional tester, test manager, and other level foundations software tester.

Countries which offer ISTQB certification examination includes India, Vietnam, the United States, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and many more.

The details about the ISTQB examination will also be provided by the training provider in a certain country. Details include the time and procedure of the examination, the date, the time, and the venue. Moreover, proof of identification like passport, driving license and other ID’s that bear your identity shall be brought on the day of the examination. Results of the examination will be available two weeks after the examination and the certification of passing the software tester examination will be given within eight weeks.

It is the responsibility of the ISTQVB training providers to let the candidates for software testing be inform about the exam dates, otherwise, they didn’t perform their task perfectly.

Furthermore, in some cases, the training providers require the candidates for software tester to be eligible in taking the examination and certification and that is: the aspirant should have a bachelor’s degree with two years significant of testing work experience.

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