ISTQB: Four Good Points about ISTQB

There are basically four good points to remember about ISTQB.
The first is that it is a practical Certification to have as it complements the people who do their jobs in Software Testing correctly and diligently.
And while being learned in the theories behind the job is all good and well, it is still important to recognize the effects of Software problems in the daily lives of the users, and this requires a lot of critical thinking.
Second is that the ISTQB Certification is global, and because of this, it’s powers of persuasion on the part of future employer is boundless, and cannot be cornered in a single room.

There are many people in need of good Software Testers, and today, Certification helps in proving that the programmer is really good at what he does.
Besides, having passed the world’s fastest-growing network of Certification is enough reason for a boss to hire any certificated applicant.
Third, the ISTQB Certification is credible in a way that it allows the Examinee to set his paths through the courses and take the necessary Examination afterwards.

There are even courses done through the Internet for those who can’t find the time, as well as the usual seminars.
And lastly, fourth, so many people trust the ISTQB now that there’s no risk in taking it on.

Imagine, ISTQB as the only non-stock organization that provides Certification to those able to pass their Examinations, which are globally-accepted in many countries, and in this, being globally-accepted also means globally-competitive.

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