ISTQB Org and Its Tasks for the World

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB is now the responsible organization for the worldwide qualification scheme known as the ISTQB Certified Tester. The ISTQB Org is aligned with the International Systems Examination Board or ISEB as of 2006. With this alignment, the ISTQB Org becomes bigger since the ISEB was already established in 1967. Meanwhile, the ISTQB Org was established in 2002. The alignment with the ISEB made the organization more powerful and better trusted by many professionals.

With the big group they have, ISTQB is now aiming to do all its tasks excellently. Among these tasks is ensuring that the current schemes and topics are with professional quality. They are also working for the definition and generation of the international syllabus used by individuals aiming to become software tester professionals. ISTQB Org is also responsible for defining and maintaining the structure and regulation of the examination, accreditation of the guidelines, certification guidelines, and the ideal passing rate. Monitoring whether the national boards comply with the ISTQB guidelines and procedures is also among the tasks of ISTQB Org.

The tasks of ISTQB Org made their ISTQB Certified Tester as the standard scheme for software testing. This made the organization better recognized in the world of software testing. The ISTQB Org is also able to develop the examinees’ career with their exam standards. Even employers recognize the quality of the organization making all the ISTQB certified professionals marketable in their field of specialization. This level of respect is gained by the ISTQB Org because of the many professionals they have in the group which aims only for one vision—that is to provide better software applications for the world.

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