It’s not all gloom and doom…


My last blog listed the top ten reasons why you would NOT want to be a Service Level Manager.  Today – in fairness – my top 10 reasons why you would! (deep down – if I had to choose another job – being an SLM would be top of my list!!!!)


  1. You become bi-lingual – business and geek speak
  2. You have the potential to earn the respect of both departments
  3. It is way easier to blame others 😉
  4. Job is way more management/people focused than just being a techy
  5. Role can be a very strategic role
  6. Work closely with suppliers(V2)
  7. Integral to striving for continual improvement across all processes;
  8. Greatest chance of promotion in company
  9. The fact that nobody really knows what you do means that you can make it up as you go along
  10. They give you a desk in no-man’s land – somewhere between, but not part of, the business and IT – which generally means an office!



As I have said previously – hats off to SLM’s!


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