IT Governance And Management: Finding The Right Strategy

Advancements in technology do not necessarily mean an easier way to do business. 
Today, many IT managers are feeling the pressure because of increased productivity
requirements, bigger demands of organizations, and tighter cost controls.  Add to that
Governance in IT management is a project that will require managers to apply
different strategies in its framework, processes and tools. 

With IT involving hefty investments in cash and manpower, its governance and
management are getting the brunt of the organization’s focus in terms of aligning the
investment to business growth. If you are looking for a strategy on IT governance and
management project, you have to first develop a good decision-making processes so
that organizations can identify where accountability lies.  This will improve your
project deliverables and will assure the organization of a reliable, real-time data.

Managing your IT project as a business instead of a department is a strategy used by
most organizations today.  Tracking where your resources are going is of major
importance in IT governance and management so that you can determine the true cost
of investment and manage risks that are inherent or inevitable.  Automating core
processes can improve business performance and efficiency.

An effective IT governance and management project should not only follow a single
strategy in tackling projects.  Overall, it should improve business productivity and
reduce cost while at the same time provide optimal IT service delivery.  The team
should work as one in order for the project to succeed.  After all, customer satisfaction
is still the ultimate goal in the organization’s governance of IT management. 

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