IT Governance Challenges And Solutions

Resistance is probably holds the number one position in the list of IT governance
challenges.  Many organizations that start implementing ERP or ITIL® usually will have a
problem with their IT governance because many think that doing something in the “old-
fashioned” way still is the best way.

It should be noted technology now drives businesses to success.  Technology offers
efficiency, cost reduction, reduced resource allocation, and improved performance–if
done, managed, and controlled properly.  Many in the list of IT governance challenges
point to resistance and lack of confidence as the major hurdle in the successful
implementation of IT governance.

Other challenges in the implementation of IT governance will include in its list the lack
of executive sponsorship.  This alone will cause IT governance to fail.  Without executive
support, and as long as it is in the “optional” category, then there’s no way for the
company to proceed with its IT governance. 

Confusion and non-participation of team members will also be one of the challenges in
the list of IT governance.  But this can be usually solved through a clear understanding
and explanation of its benefits so that the whole team can be acquainted with the
technology.  By understanding what the problem is and generating an achievable and
realistic solution, the list of IT governance challenges should start getting less.

If the organization has a clear vision of its business goals, then they will be able to further
reduce the list of IT governance challenges.  The organization has to focus on areas that
need to be improved so as to remove redundant, ineffective, inefficient and non-
functioning workflow steps.

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