IT Governance in a Power Point Presentation

The power point presentation regarding the example of an effective government in the world today includes the topic where in it was discussed that the world today is driven by technology. The root of these phenomena is due to the increase acknowledgement of the possible latest technologies in delivering information in the fastest possible way. Another root is that there is already a growing awareness of the positive connections between the technologies, the development of the economy, and the different societies.  The goal of effective governance is to have an efficient management of the government of information technology to the people. There must also be a better delivery of service to the people with the use of the different technologies that are available to use. An effective government must also have easy access of the information they need.
There are different strategies in improving the IT Governance as discussed in the power point presentation. The increase in the participation of the public in making a decision is one. The information technology implementation is necessary in attaining significant changes not only in the IT government alone but also in other institutions. The growth of Information and Communication Technology or ICT is very fast, the great usage gives a lot of advantage on the evaluation, and the use of information. The deployment of the government’s IT in an organization means the delivery of better services, accountability and efficiency. IT governance is really very important in the implementation of a system in an organization.

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