IT Governance Model: The Hyrarchy

It is very vital for any organization to have different parts or levels working together for different purposes that are work in cooperation with each other.
These levels are both interrelated and different, but their similarity lies with the fact that all of them need to contribute for the Business’ growth.
Now in every Business there is already in-house levels like Management, Marketing, Sales, Production, Shipping, Public Relations and etc, to name a few.
And in IT Governance this process of having different levels should begin with the organization’s or Business’ Management, which will be the one to dictate the Business’ goals, policies and projects.
Management is the highest-level strategic planning processes, but there will always be a need to harmonize Management with the rest of the levels.
It must understand and know what the different levels’ capacities are and how far they can push for changes or new policies without straining the levels’ capacities.
Now the key assumption is that Management or organization must prioritize research because Business with IT has clinical and educational.
IT is the newest power that must be harnessed by Business to ensure its growth.
In fact, it is a good growth-enhancing factor that can be advantageous to any Business that uses it the proper way and disadvantageous to a Business that does otherwise.
When these are answered and delivered to the best of its advantage, a drive in IT investments will always occur.
Therefore, the Business’ Vision and Values or policies must result to the producing of plans that will guide all IT related or based decisions within the Business.
Once achieved to a stage of development, these high-level plans from Management should be able to result to a stable and enduring IT Governance Model.

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