IT jobs management

IT jobs management is a system that has the responsibility of managing different jobs
for a user or a client with the goal of accomplishing a large number of multiple tasks
through a process of distribution and management.  It is therefore imperative that in
any IT jobs management, a control system has already been put in place so that user
requests can immediately and properly be dispatched.

A good IT job management system has to be compatible with most (if not all)
platforms out in the market today–free or otherwise.  Support is also a major
consideration in any IT job management.

A data on usage statistics should also be implemented in every IT job management so
that systems utilization can be properly assessed, monitored and controlled.  A
queuing system is important so that there is an initial interaction with the users as he
makes a request.  This also enables the system to record the transaction and
immediately set a priority schedule.

Once a request has been made to the system, the IT job management system will then
create a schedule for the request depending on the policies set by the administrator. 
Some may have unlimited access while some others may have limited access.  Access
can be granted based on hard disc, CPU or memory resources (or a combination of the
three) set by the administrator.

Once the request has been set, prioritized and allocated, the resources are then
monitored and executed depending on the user’s access.  The user’s status
information is then sent back to queuing and the cycle continues.  This is the basic
cycle of IT job management. 

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