IT Management Project Training for Top IT Industry Certifications

IT personnel are increasing in numbers nowadays faster than corporate leaders can keep track.
But not all IT people have the right certification for the job they will perform for your
company. So here are some of the top IT industry certification standards your IT Management
team has to aspire to.

First, there is the MCSE or certification to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
It remains one of the leading forms of certification about Microsoft server solutions simply
because Microsoft has changed the exam number to a total of seven and changed the nature of
the exams to performance-based situations to weed out those who simply blindly memorize
rote answers without understanding how the technology really works.

Second, the MCA or Microsoft Certified Architect standard is one of the most elite
certifications in the world (since there are less than 100 people who hold an MCA
certificate at present.) In this IT certificate, you really need to have IT Management
Project Training, specifically in advanced IT architecture (encompassing at least three
years) and you also have to be interviewed by expert review board panelists.

Last, the CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certificate is one of the hardest
forms of IT certifications to get (and may also be one of the costliest.) It is costly
partly because Cisco requires that you undergo updated certification for the Cisco products
once every two years – if you do not, you risk cancellation of your certification. You need
to have IT Management Project Training in Cisco solutions to pass the written exam and the
hands-on laboratory exam simply because the scope of the exams are quite broad.


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