IT Project Management Job Demands

IT project management is an essential part of today’s business industry. Everyday,  more
and more people are using company IT resources in their business transactions and
managing IT workload can be a strenuous project for the IT department. 

IT professions today are very much in demand in the job market. Companies these days
are always in the lookout for people who can handle IT project management job for their
company. Project management tasks need people who can manage multiple projects in
the fastest possible time with the least possible cost.  This means bigger productivity with
greater efficiency and least cost.  A very challenging job for the IT management team.
The individual must know how to multi task to effectively carry out various tasks in IT
project management.

The person must know how to prioritize, manage, plan and execute new client projects.
Designing and facilitating procedures for evaluation of IT projects are also included in
the responsibilities of IT project manager.

The person must know how to effectively communicate the development, status and
issues of the external and internal stakeholders. He must know how to balance, budget,
schedule, identify the risks and follow the necessary process in project change control.

To be able to get a job in IT project management or to be a project manger in particular,
you need to have 7- 10 years of experience on this field. Leadership and project
management skills are required to get a hold of this job. Negotiation skills and good
understanding of business and IT processes are essential qualities for project management

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