IT Service Continuity Management Roles and Responsibilities

IT Service Continuity Management Roles and Responsibilities

Typical responsibilities for ITSCM in planning and dealing with disaster are similar to how First Aid Officers and Fire Wardens act in planning and operational roles (they may not be full-time roles, but are instead a ‘hat’ they wear when required). See the following table for an example of how responsibilities for ITSCM are typically assigned.

* Crisis Management
* Corporate/Business decisions
* External affairs
Senior Mgmt
* Co-ordination
* Direction and arbitration
* Resource authorization
* Invocation of continuity or recovery
* Team Leadership
* Site Management
* Liaison and Reporting
Supervisors and Staff
* Task execution
* Team membership
* Team and Site liaison

Skill requirements for the ITSCM Manager and other involved staff include:

* Knowledge of the business (help to set priorities for protection and recovery)
* Calm under pressure
* Analytical (problem solving)
* Leadership and Team players
* Negotiation and Communication.

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