IT service management strategy and academic


main objective of IT service management strategy is to improve the efficiency
and effectiveness of existing business processes, something which is necessary
for offering high-quality products and services to customers. With the increase
in the number of IT companies offering similar products and services, it has
become very difficult to retain existing customers. The only option then is to
offer low-cost products and services without compromising the quality of the
offerings. This can only be achieved if a proper IT service management strategy
is followed.


strategies when implemented will allow IT companies to increase the efficiency
of their existing business processes, which in turn will reduce operational
costs. It will then allow IT companies to offer high-quality products and
services at competitive rates to their customers. Evolving effective strategies
certainly requires experience, but it can also be learned through specialized
training courses. These courses compliment the existing academic qualification
of an individual related to IT service management strategy conceptualization.
When both IT service management strategy and academic qualification is
combined, it allows management trainees to understand the whole concept of
evolving innovative strategies and implementing the same in a business
organization. By combining IT service management strategy and academic
qualification, an individual can enrich his/her existing professional IT career.





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