IT Service Management

IT Service Management or ITSM is all about the management of high-tech information technology systems, and their role in the smooth functioning of business. It helps to integrate IT systems into business to help in the progress and growth of the organization. It views information technology systems more as a contributor to the business environment and client satisfaction, than as a technological tool. Hence, it stresses on the processes handled by the business and their improvement, and overlooks the technical details involved in a product. IT Service Management strives to create a platform where IT professionals, technical experts and the business community can come together and interact. It provides a stable IT infrastructure to the business, making it more flexible and durable. Information on ITSM framework and how it is applied to a business organization is available in the internationally recognized ITIL® or the IT Infrastructure Library.

ITSMF or the IT Service Management Forum is a global, non-profit facility that provides up-to-date information on the latest advances in the IT Service Management world. It works in partnership with several government agencies and standard bodies around the world.

Internationally recognized qualifications in IT Service Management are held in high esteem, as they give a boost to professionalism and provide the necessary skills required in today’s business world. These qualifications are provided only by ITIL®.

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