IT skills gap? get ITIL certified!

In the AustralianIT website, Philip Argy of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) reported about the need for an IT Skills Census. The ACS believe there is not an IT skills shortage in Australia, but rather a mis-match of actual skills and industry needs.

The article also reported that “ACS members say the biggest obstacles to undertaking training are cost (60 per cent) and time (55.8 per cent)”. So for IT professionals, what solutions are available? For those seeking basic ITIL® certification or awareness, a number of education providers (like ourselves) provide accredited ITIL® training online or ITIL® elearning. This is a cost effective and flexible way to gain ITIL® certification. Why gain ITIL® certification? Today, CareerOne and SeekIT advertised 750 positions seeking familiarity in ITIL®. So to gain a competitive edge in the job market, don’t just become familiar in ITIL®, become certified since certification shows you have demonstrated a level of proficiency in ITIL®, and not just heard about it!

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