ITIL “Infra-Culture”

ITIL® “Infra-Culture”


I’ve been thinking…. ITIL® has a very clear definition on what IT infrastructure means:

“ all of the hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc that are required to develop, test, deliver,

 monitor, control or support IT services”.


If this is the case, then maybe we should adopt a new term, “ITIL® Infraculture” – meaning: all the attitudes, beliefs, knowledge that are developed and learnt within an IT organization in relation to ITIL®.”


If you take a closer look at it, this exists now – those who have been “ITIL®ized” already converse in ITIL® terms, jargon and concepts.  This in turn has helped to develop their attitudes and norms about ITIL®.  Which in turn,  has formed a culture – an ITIL® “Infra culture”….


Makes sense to me – anyone else have an opinion?


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