ITIL Apollo 13 Simulation

‘Houston, we have a problem’    


Fifty-five hours and fifty-five minutes into the mission. Imagine you are on board Apollo 13 when one of your crew members reports hearing a loud ‘bang’. The bang is the explosion of the liquid oxygen tank #2 in the Service Module, providing vital oxygen used by the fuel cells that are Apollo’s primary power source.

The backup battery-powered electric supply in the Command and Service Module (CSM) has a lifetime of up to ten hours. Unfortunately, you are 87 hours from home. Your spacecraft is slowly dying. You have a serious problem, unless you and the ground support staff start working as a team to solve this problem. But remember, time is running out. Fast.

Welcome to the ‘Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience™’ simulation.

PDF Apollo 13 Simulation Spec sheet HERE

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