ITIL Asset Management

ITIL® Asset Management

ITIL® Asset Management is the department dedicated to software and software related areas. ITIL® Asset Management is not only confined to the physical software media but also deals with the installation of the software.

ITIL® Asset Management includes software license keys, certificates, release document, support contracts and other items that are associated with software. ITIL® recommends a complete lifecycle for the purchase of the developed software for better results and easy implementation. Ensure the authenticity of the products and make sure if there are any free licenses to use. Before implementation, check the software and remember that compliance plays a very important role here.

ITIL® directs a set of tools that are very essential for ITIL® Asset Management. The tools are asset inventory, discovery, metering, license management, contract management, demand, deployment management, security and procurement. ITIL® guidelines are owned by the OGC (Office of Government Commerce).

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