ITIL boring? NEVER!

No… this is not about all the politics, discrepancies, discussions and emotions that are flaring up at the moment in relation to ITIL® V3 or the role of the APMG.
This is about the use of the Apollo 13 simulation game as a valuable educational tool.

In an article in "Computable" – a Dutch IT magazine, I read that ITIL® education is perceived to be very boring (according to students enrolled in IT studies at college and university). This is something that I can relate to. In one of my previous (professional) lives I used to be a college teacher and I was suprised with the boring approach many of my colleages took in relation to basic knowledge transfer.
Most of the teaching was performed by lectures with little interaction with the students, using the blackboard and chalk or an overhead projector with transparancy sheets. It was very much a ‘one way street’ where the teacher had all the facts and spoon fed the students.

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One Reply to “ITIL boring? NEVER!”

  1. “Dull” is a thing, it exists. Subjects can be dull, as can people. A person who is dull will often claim that a dull subject is interesting. People can go catatonic and stare at a blank white wall for hours. Does that make a blank white wall fascinating.
    Don’t say that ITIL isn’t boring. Instead say “I am as dull as dry white toast and damn proud of it”

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