ITIL Braindump

ITIL® Braindump

The concept of braindump is reflected in the term itself. ITIL® braindump is the process of bringing various aspects, functions, process, implementation, views and reviews of ITIL® at the disposal of the general public. It is done by creating a catalog on a website that is easy to access.

If you are an ITIL® enthusiast then you may face tough times in browsing and getting hold of something useful and interesting. However, the ITIL® braindump does not contain irrelevant material and none of the contributions are spread uneven. That makes the task easier.

You can post you comment and share views about ITIL® through the websites. This idea is very useful because there is no standard concept of ITIL® and whatever is in practice today is a result of sharing ideas. The copyright of ITIL® is with the OGC so you must respect the copyright and trademark laws while being a part of ITIL® braindump.

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