ITIL Case Study Learning

The highly competitive global industry gave rise to conflicting pressures in the business sector.  As they try to improve their products and services, issues that confront them are the adherence to government regulatory requirements and operational risk.  An organization’s main objective is to maximize profits and minimize costs.  The IT systems put in placed with in the organization need to be managed and maintain regularly as a large portion of budget is placed for its maintenance.

Service providers have delivered solutions to organizations that wish to have their IT operations managed.  Service providers are presented with the problem and deal with it as a case study.  It seeks to define the problem, finds solutions and identifies results in the end.   Some of the common problems that services providers are confronted with are those that require improvement of their change, incident and problem management.  Another common problem is when data processes were manually gathered and the processes are inaccurate and out of date.   Service providers find solutions to problems, which may require organization to have an updated Configuration Management Database, or the application of auto tracking in the area of Incident Management. 

On the other hand, organizations, based on results would have a clear and accurate understanding of their IT infrastructure, realize the need for automate production tracking, instill awareness to the plan improvements to put control over change processes and standardize the improvement of infrastructure operational integrity.

While others can afford service providers others may take ITIL® case study as direct information at hand of the problems and experiences that transpired in the IT service and learn from it.

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