ITIL Exam Questions

ITIL® Exam Questions

ITIL® exam questions vary from one ITIL® examination to another. There is a difference between the structure, quality and level of toughness. There is almost a set pattern for all ITIL® exam questions and its determination will help you to take ITIL® exam with confidence.

For ITIL® foundation certificate examination there will be 40 multiple choice questions with one correct answer each. The ITIL® exam questions for foundation certificate are not that tough as it is a primary level exam.

The questions in the practitioner’s level have an altogether different focus. They focus around a case study and you are asked to apply a theory. A wide knowledge only can help you to clear this exam.

At the manager’s level the questions are the toughest. There are multiple choice questions and the exam duration is two days. The exam questions are set to check your ability to convert theory into practice.

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