ITIL Foundations Course

ITIL® Foundations

Course description
ITIL® foundation’s course is a three-day course and its completion will earn you ISEB IT foundations certificate in IT Service Management. This is a strong foundation stone for an entry-level professional qualification in IT Service Management.

The ITIL® foundations course consists of short lectures, group discussions and mock tests. The course documents include student notes, copies of various slides and a copy of IT Service Management pocket-guide.

The ITIL® foundations examination is held on the third day of the course. There are 40 multiple choice questions that have to be answered in 60 minutes. You  get the certificate if you score 26 or more.

You have to pay for appearing in the examination. You can select a suitable schedule for the course and the exam for yourself.   

ITIL® Foundations Course

If you are involved in providing service and support in the IT sector, ITIL® foundation course will serve you the best. We provide various ITIL® education programs including the ITIL® foundation course. The course acts as the introductory course for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL® foundation course is seen as a learning process model, which enables to understand service management in the IT sector.

We offer a three-day ITIL® foundation course. The course aims at empowering you with the concepts, terms, definitions, benefits, objectives and the relationship of IT service management processes and functions according to ITIL®. The ITIL® foundation course prepares you for the examination of the foundation certificate in IT service management. An independent body named Examination Institute of Information Science manages the ITIL® foundations course certification.

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