ITIL Incident Management Seminars Help Improve Incident Handling Processes

If your organization has encountered incidents in the past regarding your ITIL®-based IT infrastructure, then perhaps your specialists need to go through ITIL® incident management seminars so that the incident handling processes of your organization will improve.

The key to enhanced incident handling processes is to adopt practical strategies that aim to raise the operational and service quality; make systems more compliant with ITIL® standards; make the people aspect of IT become more productive; and allow event resolution to be integrated as well into incident management. After the ITIL® incident management seminars, the specialists in your organization ought to be able to fully automate the event notification and resolution process so that financial value can be realized.

One solution identified through such seminars is permitting event communication to be conducted in a two-way manner so that undetected events which have not been resolved can be completely eliminated. Another solution is communicating the right information to the specialist who knows how to solve the problem, which would reduce mean-time-to-resolve power outages. The third solution that specialists can learn through the ITIL® incident management seminars is making the NOC/Help Desk procedure into a process that is both repeatable and completely automated.

Often, Incident Management is tied together with Problem Management. It is important as well that your organization rely on Incident Management techniques that follow the ITIL® v3 standard which is the most current ITIL® iteration. If your specialist has been trained in earlier ITIL® standards, it becomes very important that he be updated to the latest iteration of ITIL®.

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