itil incident management seminars

ITIL® Incident Management Seminars  Honing Incident Troubleshooting Skills

Incident in information technology refers to any event which is not part of the standard operation of the service and which causes, or may eventually cause a threat, interruption or reduction of the quality of service provided. It is, however, the objective of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Incident Management to restore the normal operations of the business as quickly as possible with the slightest possible impact on both parties, either the provider or the end user, at the most cost-effective manner.

Since Incident Management is considered as one of the most essential process of ITIL®, there are a lot of ITIL® Incident Management seminars conducted for the purpose of sharing best practices on how to handle incidents, which may include detection, investigation and analysis of incidents that may occur in certain situations or scenarios. Inputs for Incident Management usually come from the users. Such unfortunate occurrences in the IT environment include system outages, service interruptions or other external threats like bad weather conditions.

It is indeed a big help if all Incident Management personnel will attend seminars that will surely hone their skills in incident troubleshooting. The Incident Management Team should realize the importance of time in resolving such incidents, which is why the Incident Management Life Cycle should be taken into consideration at all times to keep up with the demands of the business, as well as the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Therefore, the critical success factors of Incident Management are the following: (a) Maintaining IT Service Quality; (b) Maintaining Customer Satisfaction; and (c) Resolving incidents within established service times.


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